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Hey guys, I need your help!

I need to help raise funds for Mary-Jane. If you don’t know the score, here it is.

I know I don’t do shirts (or maybe I will IDK) and other tangible stuff, but if you’d like a graphic, a cover or a book format for your favorite fic (with cover) or something, please let me know and I’ll make it for you.

Book cover samples | graphic/gif samples

I don’t know how to trace the donations though (because I’m actually just making time for donation requests), if someone can fill me in on how I can monitor it, that would be great.

Anyway, again, I know I can’t do much but I would really appreciate it if you would reblog and spread the word!


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    GUYS DO IT. You know how rad those book covers are. do itttttttttt it beats my silly sketches ten times over okay
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  13. koulin said: I requested people to just attach a screenshot of their PP transaction and send it to me via email. Forgery is possible of course, but I’m relying on trust here. You are so awesome for doing this! Thank you hon! ;____;
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